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2018 Nissan Leaf ZE-1 (X)


In Tasmania? Check your eligibility for Electric Vehicle Rebate.

NCAP safety rating: a maximum five-star

Battery Size: 40KWh

Battery Health: 87%

Odometer: 33,000Km

Colour: Brilliant White Pearl and Aurora Flare Blue – two-tone

Grade: X

Auction condition: 5.0 – As New

Warranty: Apart from statutory warranty, 60 months extended warranty (Plan A) is included in the price.


2018 Nissan Leaf Z(ero)E(mission)1 X grade 40 kWh – is an extremely reliable electric car.

This car is a pure battery-electric hatchback. It’s Electric Zero Emission, which provides great responsibility to the environment, and it has been a joy to drive.

In terms of the battery size, it’s a 40kWH battery and that typically translates to around 220 – 250 out of a full charge. The battery life has 12 out of the 12 bars – the more bars you have, the better the battery life is.

If you are charging at home, then simply plug it in overnight and you’ll have the car ready for any local trips.

This car has:

  • Been imported from Japan.
  • Quiet minimal maintenance cost no petrol cost
  • RWC will be supplied for registration.
  • Pearl with blue roof (that was an optional paint at extra cost)
  • No accident history.
  • Low mileage.
  • Portable charging cable with Australian 240V plug for home charging.
  • Type 1 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable.
  • 87% Battery Health / 12 Bars

This car features:
-Fully Automatic with eco-mode, B-mode regeneration and e-pedal one foot driving

  • 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack
  • Apple CarPlay + Android Auto
  • Bluetooth streaming audio
  • Electric Folding Mirrors
  • Quiet and no exhaust fumes.

Inspection and test drive available for genuine interested buyers, and you are welcome to give me a call to ask other questions.

In Tasmania? Check your eligibility for Electric Vehicle Rebate.

The Electric Vehicle Rebate program is now available, providing funding of $2,000 for new battery electric vehicles and second-hand (but ‘new to Tasmania’) electric vehicles. 

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