Japanese Quality of the Used Car Market has always been the Top of the quality and Condition in the World. Here at Japanese Car Importers, we are proud to supply you the highest quality used cars with Fast, Reliable, and Quality Service.

Make and Models

We need import approval first. We can import popular make such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. Tell me the type of car you wanted to import then we will check availability.


It all depends on the cars we import but you can import good condition cars for as low as 15K.


Recently, it’s getting harder to book a vessel for shipping cars on a timely basis. We do our best but typically it would take a few months for the whole importing process.

Condition and Special Requirements

  • The Japanese car market is huge. Should you have specific requirements such a colour, kilometres and condition the chances of sourcing something that is closest to what you are looking for becomes possible.
  • When looking for for EVs, the condition of the battery is also important. Battery condition is usually measured on a scale from 1 – 12 bars. A new battery is usually rated at 12 bars, while a battery in a secondhand car rated at 11 bars is still considered to have significant battery life remaining.
  • Body condition is usually rated on a scale from 0 to 5.
    • 5 – As New
    • 4.5 – Excellent
    • 4.0 – Good
    • 3.5 – Okay

How does the process work?

  1. Please submit the above contact form.
  2. We will send you a vehicle sourcing agreement for your perusal.
  3. A deposit of $1,100 AUD is required so that we will start the process of importing your car to Australia.
  4. Once we have found the car, FOB price is payable to us.
  5. Shipping is scheduled once the payment is made and all relevant documentations are obtained.
  6. Upon arrival to Australian port the car will be unloaded from the ship and undergo customs clearance and biosecurity inspection. Before the arrival to the port, payment associated with shipping, customs, clearance, and GST are to be made for releasing the car from the port.
  7. Once the car is released from the port, the car will be delivered to the compliance or engineering workshop to obtain certification required to be eligible for registration in Australia. 
  8. Once the balance associated with the certification is paid, the car is all yours.

Our Service Price

$1,000 AUD + GST

Ready to get started?

My name is Yuki Hasegawa. I specialise in motor vehicle imports of all makes which meet the eligibility requirements of RAWS Australia. 

Give me a call on 0402 504 207 and we can get underway.