Sourcing Japanese Cars for Australian motorists.

High quality, affordable secondhand vehicles, especially EVs and Hybrids.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Vehicles (Hybrids) are pricy but if you look at used cars in Japan, they can be affordable and high quality.

For example, Nissan Leaf, a very popular model in Japan, as well as a lot of Hybrids.

The popularity of the EVs/Hybrids in Japan means that the secondhand market can offer significant savings over locally available vehicles.

However, for the individual car buyer, importing cars can be a stressful, complex and time consuming process.

Furthermore, while Japan offers an excellent overseas source for vehicles, finding suitable contacts and navigating the cultural and language barriers can make the process difficult.

Many dealers in Japan do not deal directly with individual buyers.

Japanese Car Importers have the knowledge and experience to help navigate this process. Not only are we able to negotiate with dealers, but we are also able to manage the auction process, which can also be a major source of economical vehicles.

If you are interested in importing a car from Japan these are the key details, we need to know:

Make and Models

What make and model are you looking for? Not all Japanese cars are eligible for import into Australia. If you’d like to give an indication as to what you’re after in terms of specs of the vehicle you are looking for, we will check import eligibility first.

What’s your budget?

If you’d like to give a rough budget, we’d be happy to look around for vehicles currently available which might match your criteria. We have seen savings of many thousands of dollars when compared to sourcing a similar make and model locally.

Condition & Special Requirements

The Japanese car market is huge. Should you have specific requirements such a colour, kilometres and condition the chances of sourcing something that is closest to what you are looking for becomes possible.

Your timeframe.

What is your timeframe? The whole importing process may take a few months. May take longer to meet your make, model, and budget requirements. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Ready to get started?

My name is Yuki Hasegawa. I’d be confident Japanese Car Importers could find you the best car if you wanted us to search for one. 

Give me a call on 0402 504 207 and we can get it underway.

Now in Stock

From time to time, we have vehicles available for immediate sale in Hobart Tasmania and now available from suppliers’ stock in Japan.